As two women with an affinity for oversized silhouettes, we are tired of building our wardrobe with brands made by and for men. We struggled to find female-owned brands committed to quality and sustainability with a distinct love for streetwear at their core, so in June of 2020 we founded STREET GRANDMA. “Street” referring to the side of our style that is streetwear inspired, i.e. oversized hoodies and tees, bold graphics and an affinity for sneakers, and “grandma” being the feminine side of ourselves that loves flowing dresses, gingham, and a distinct commitment to everything being comfort-first.

Beyond a clothing brand, STREET GRANDMA is also a place where we share about the things that inspire us most and interview people we admire, all with the ultimate goal of showcasing women for the multifaceted individuals we are. We have been best friends since childhood, both raised in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles where the brand currently operates.