HAPPY HOLIDAYS! STREET GRANDMA has put together a list of our favorite items with a focus on highlighting small businesses we love. Here are our picks, with links to small businesses you can purchase from.


sundae school

Sundae School Madonna & Child Tee - $55

We teach kids Eurocentric ideals that Jesus is a white male. But have you ever thought that Jesus was Korean? Trans? Chinese? Nigerian? A Ferret? At Sundae School, Jesus is whomever you imagine.  Sundae School is boutique smokewear brand based in New York. They are coming out with unique graphic tees and crewnecks. 

Shop Sundae School


Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots - $135

REI isn't necessarily a small business, but they are special to me because they played a major role in getting me interested in the outdoors. I bought my first pair of hiking boots 6 years ago, and they were Merrell. They've taken me through the jungles of Peru and to the top of Half Dome. I love them. 

Shop REI


FDMTL Quilted Haori Jacket - $480

This was my Christmas gift to myself. I am really into quilted jackets because they're a timeless look. It was definitely a splurge but I love the oversized feeling of this jacket and it's take on the traditional Japanese Haori shape. You can buy this at Proper LBC, a small business in Long Beach dedicated to stocking streetwear brands. 

Shop Proper LBC


Sissy Moon, Ball is Life Mugs - $68

Sinda Karklina is a ceramics artist based in Portland, Oregon. She is so talented and her things sell out fast. However, she is restocking her Ball is Life line of mugs, planters, and more that is dedicated to basketball. RESTOCK ON DECEMBER 15! This gift is perfect for any basketball fan.   

Shop Sissy Moon


Marley's Monsters Organic Facial Rounds - $20

This year I've taken a few steps to reduce single use items so I started in with single use cotton rounds. Skincare routines can lead to a lot of single use waste, so I started using reusable cotton pads. Each pack replaces at least 1,000 single use cotton balls or pads REPEATEDLY for years. 

Shop Marley's Monsters


TUSHY Classic Bidet Attachment - $89

I swear by the bidet and I will never go back ever again!!! I bought this when the first wave of toilet paper hoarding began, and now I tell everyone it is the best thing I've ever bought. It's sleek, cute, affordable, and honestly, the more elevated way to shit.



frankie shop vest


When I discovered The Frankie Shop when I moved to NYC in 2016, I definitively stopped shopping anywhere else. Since moving back home to LA it has made me sad not to shop there as often, but you KNOW I copped the popular Cable Knit Vest before it sold out. They are GREAT about restocking, so sign up for a notification when it is in stock again and get it while you can!

Shop Frankie Shop


Jennifer Fisher's Baby Jennifer Hoops - $375

I stumbled upon Jennifer Fisher’s jewelry after frantically searching the internet to find a pair of hoops Alicia Keys was wearing. They are a high price point, but I like to think of them in terms of wear-per-use, and this size at 1.5” is perfect for wearing everyday. I love the subtle engraving detail on the inside and the clean surface of the outside. A perfect pair of chunky, vibrant hoops.

Shop Jennifer Fisher

Long Quilted Bomber Coat - $220

There are no items in my closet I wear more than the ones that feel like a gigantic blanket. I don’t own this yet, as I am having trouble justifying it in LA weather, but if I was still in NYC I can guarantee I would’ve gotten this permanently sewn onto my body. Great quality, great price point, great shop overall. Frankie Shop gets me every time.

Shop Frankie Shop

CDG Off White Air Force - $360

Comme des Garçons, the Japanese Fashion label just released this collaboration on the Air Force 1 in October of 2020. The deconstructed look on the classic white shoe got me. If you love streetwear but are also looking for a minimalistic and elegant vibe, this shoe fits the bill perfectly.


Package Free Zero Waste Self Care Kit - $135

Like many others, I found Package Free when I watched an interview with Lauren Singer, the young woman who went viral for living a zero-waste lifestyle. Immediately, I was so inspired, but found the idea of making my own soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc daunting. I was thrilled to see she started her own company dedicated to helping people begin a zero-waste lifestyle without the trouble of learning how to make so many items from scratch. This kit in particular is the perfect way to get started. Thanks, Lauren!!!

Shop Package Free

Axel Vervoordt: Portraits of Interiors - $75

I started working for the beautifully-curated shop +COOP in June, and have loved the outlet it's given me to indulge my love for interior design. This is one of the many beautiful interior books we have in store, but since it is Axel Vervoordt, it is obviously my favorite. No one does Wabi Sabi quite like Axel. 

Shop +COOP


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